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Is Sending Money possible at any time in a fraction of a second?

Well, the commercial of eSewa series is not letting you down again. And yes Mr. Bipin Karki continues. In the first commercial he was unknown about eSewa itself. Now he has been inspiring all near ones to use the eSewa to make life easy. This commercial is one good example on portraying the story of common problem and use eSewa to solve it. This might be one reason this commercial has been loved by many.

The commercial begins with the scene where Mr. Karki’s friend is crying and Bipin Karki asks to know the problem. As he reveals that his mother has been hospitalized and it’s already evening which means it impossible to send the money to the district as banks are closed already.

In a simple way, he asks his friend’s brother to tell his bank account number and sends money via eSewa.  To make the communication stronger the commercial uses screen space to demonstrate the process step by step. As in the earlier commercials, the word E is used for five-time as ‘E’, ‘E’, ‘E’, ‘E’, ‘E’, and eSewa for each step while transferring the money. The ad series is trying to memorize the e as eSewa for the customers.

Zamana Kaha Bata Kaha pugisakyo is shared again in this commercial as well. This commercial adds minimal humor and more a serious situation. As the commercials had been broadcasted widely by the Television, the major result is yet to be observed in the future.



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