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Is your wife angry due to the interrupted Internet?

With yet another series of eSewa commercial, it doesn’t stop you to entertain while communicating its service. In this commercial actress Barsha Raut has been featured along with actor Bipin Karki. These two artists were playing the role of husband wife in one of the hit movie Jatra 2. Same relationship has been portrayed in this TVC as well.

Mr. Karki calls his wife with her nick name and she replies with angry face. It’s because she was unable to see her mother’s face due to interpreted internet connection since the other night. With her angry face and frustration, Mr. Karki replies, ‘why did you take such a long time to share this?’ He takes it simply and says that it’s very easy to pay the internet bill – which is another feature of eSewa.

He unlocks his mobile and transfers money to ADSL -Internet Service Provider account. The screen on the commercial communicates each step while paying the bill of internet.  During this time the word E is used for five time as ‘E’, ‘E’, ‘E’, ‘E’, ‘E’, and eSewa for each step while transferring the money. The ad is trying to memorize the e as eSewa for the customers. As Barsha Raut is in front of the laptop, the instant connection is made which is showcased by her jovial expression.

The series of commercials is focusing on each service of the esewa. ‘Zamana Kaha bata kaha pugi sakyo’ tagline has been given to each of these commercials. This also indirectly communicates that technological development has helped us a lot but we are far behind on usage and taking advantage of them. Yet to see what is the next commercial all about.



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